Stat 'n' Perf

Stat 'n' Perf 1.13

Control and generate statistics on the speed of data transfers

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This application monitors your internet connection and displays information about sent and received bytes. It features:

  • Instantaneous transfer rate and history with a graphic
  • Sent and received bytes for the current day
  • Sent and received bytes for the current month
  • Custom counter (started and stopped by the user)
  • Forecasts for the end of the month
  • Alert dialog box in case of limit exceeding
  • Secure file save to keep data in case of PC crash
  • Refresh rate (file and display) customizable
  • Handles several network adapters with separate counters
  • Log which saves daily and weekly counts

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Stat 'n' Perf


Stat 'n' Perf 1.13

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